"Walk" Notion Box - darning needle

"Walk" Notion Box - darning needle

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We are over the moon to present you our super cute little notion box with all essentials you need for crafting!

The box includes 5 stitch markers, 1 foldable scissors, 1 measuring tape, 4 needle point protectors, 1 darning needle and 1 label.

Here are the details on all items, which are included in the full set, but can also be purchased individually.

1) The BOX (1 piece)
It has space for all our new notions and is made from 100% paper (for the core 100 % recycled paper is used). Thus they are reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. 
measurements: 70mm x 45mm

unit weight: 21,7g (empty) // 65g (full set with all notions included)

2) STITCH MARKERS (set of 5 stitch markers - 1x "W", 2x "R", 2x "L")      
They are super handy and come with our logo "W" for your beginning of the round and two "R"ight´s and "L"eft´s to mark the position of your marker, the direction of your increases / decreases, cables or other stitch patterns.
measurements:  11-18mm (width) x 25mm (height) - ring diameter 9mm inside

unit weight: 3,3g

They fold up neatly when not in use and are therefore safe, super small and extra sharp.
measurements: open -> 90 x 48mm // folded - 55 x 25mm (length x width)

unit weight: 14,4g

4) MEASURING TAPE (1 piece)
It comes with both centimeter and inch measurements and helps you keep track of your gauge and project progress.
measurements of case: 53mm x 15mm -> measures up to 150.00cm or 60 inches long
unit weight: 18,3g

5) NEEDLE TIP PROTECTORS (4 pieces - 2 of each size)
No more dropped stitches when you put your knitting aside.
measurements: 20 x 13mm / 23 x 18mm - covering needles sizes 2,0mm - 10,0mm
unit weight: 4,5g

6) DARNING NEEDLE (1 piece)
For finishing or embellishing your knit or crochet projects.
measurements: 61mm x 3mm
unit weight: 1,1g

7) "WALK handmade" LABEL (1 piece)
It will add the finishing touch to your knits.
measurements: 33mm x 23mm
unit weight: 0,3g

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