Frequently Asked Questions

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We know that it can sometimes be difficult to get hold of larger quantities of yarn for a specific project. For this we offer custom-dye-orders of 4+ skeins of the same color and base, which take about 3-4 weeks until ready for shipment.

You can find the corresponding listing here: custom dye order

Yes, all our Merino fibres come from farms in South America, Europe or South Africa, where no mulesing is practiced.

Orders placed on the same day (or weekend) will be combined by us and overpaid shipping costs will be refunded the next working day.

We use low impact acid dyes (without heavy metals) for our hand-dyed yarns and only food grade acids for fixing the dye. When dyeing animal fibres the dye baths are usually fully exhausted so that no dye pigments are wasted or released into the environment.

Superwash only means that the fibres wont´t felt if treated with heat and rapid movement, i.e. machine washing. With hand-dyed yarn we always suggest hand washing in cold water with a mild detergent. It is much kinder to the fibre and the dyes than machine washing and will keep your projects looking and feeling beautiful for a long time.

We only purchase yarns and fibres from suppliers that work closely with the spinning mills who make sure that the fibres are from farms that only use farming practices that meet our standard.
We are especially lucky to source some of our yarn bases directly from the spinning mills, where everything is handled locally which ensures that only wool from local farms is used where the animals are appropriately kept and treated well.

If you have any further questions, please write to us.

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