Moon and Turtle - Kiyomi & Sachiko Burgin

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Das "Moon and Turtles" Buch enthält 9 Strickdesigns (4 Kleidungsstücke, 5 Accessories)(nur in englischer Sprache erhältlich).

Das schreibt PomPom über "Moon and Turtles":

"Much like Kiyomi and Sachiko themselves, Moon and Turtle is truly synergic. The duality associated with identical twins is thoughtfully and intelligently embedded into every aspect of the book. From the designs, to the authors’ musings, to the title of the book itself, there’s a quiet harmony in the idea that two things or people can be visually similar but also appreciably distinct.

The patterns are gender-neutral, graded up to a 62” chest, and contain body and sleeve length adjustments in the hope that this book can be enjoyed by many knitters for years to come. Playful colourwork, paired with simply constructed garments, means that Moon and Turtle is a fabulous step up from pattern books such as Ready Set Raglan and Take Heart. Kiyomi and Sachiko’s sisterly affection for one another is clear and shines through their words and designs. We, at Pom Pom Press, were charmed by Moon and Turtle and we’re sure you will be, too!"

Bilder und Text © Oliver James Brooks / Kiyomi Burgin und Sachiko Burgin / pompommag

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