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Parachutey Set - Project Bag and Notion Bag

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This set contains the parachutey bag and the matching notion bag.

You can either store the project bag inside the notion bag to have it at hand whenever you need it. Or you can use the notion bag inside the project bag to keep all the little knitting accessoires neatly stowed away. It is even big enough to store circular needles.

This version of the parachutey project bag combines a bright neon two-coloured outside with a contrast drawstring and a white lining, making it a real eye-catcher. The notion bag is two coloured. The set always comes with a random chosen snap hook.

Dimensions (WxH): project bag 30cm x 36cm, notion bag 11cm x 15cm

Due to the nature of rip-stop nylon the bag is extremely lightweight, durable, water repellant and stains can be easily wiped off.
The tight weave of the fabric prevents needle tips to poke through and the coating of the fabric lets the yarn slide smoothly.
The bag is fully lined without a visible opening in stitching, so you have a reversible version with a lovely opaque look on the other side.
There are many different ways to carry the bag:
- For a wristlet version the drawstring is pulled out on both sides.
- If pulled only to one side the handle is long enough to wear as shoulder bag.
- The snap hook can be attached wherever you want. This way your bag does not get lost and you have your hands free for knitting. I love to clip the bag to my belt loop, as I often find wristlet bags a bit tiring for projects larger than one skein.

Contains: 1 parachutey project bag, 1 notion bag, 1 snap hook

Some pictures may only show ways to wear the bag, but not the actual colour of the bag of this listing. Please check the listing name for the correct colour.

sales unit: 1 set (see description)

snap hook: random colour

material: 100% Nylon (rip stop)

size (wxh): 30cm x 36cm

weight: 50g

delivery time: D 3-4, EU 7-9, worldwide 12-16 business days

ready to dispatch in: 1-2 business days after payment

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