Behind the scenes

How we think, act, live - our philosophy of sorts

We love yarn. We love to touch it, feel it, dye it, knit it. Its endless creative possibilities delight us each and every day. We are driven by our enthusiasm for this wonderful ancient natural material and this is what we want to pass on. Three aspects are of particular importance to us: Firstly, it is the quality of the yarn and the colour, because we want our customers to be able to work with the best of materials. Secondly, it is a conscious, sensitive handling of natural resources such as water, energy, and paper. Because we only have this one planet. Thirdly, it is our wonderful, unique team, which is more like a family.

Studio tour

Feel like hand-crafting? Keen to find out how we develop our collections? Find out who works at WALK? Then click your way around our studio and discover our colourful world of yarn.

In the dye studio: Edinburgh Yarn Festival:
How we became what we are - a WALK history of sorts
What do you do with your life when you have studied biology, trained to be a tailor for high fashion and have a degree in business administration? Here’s what you do: you start your own company for hand-dyed yarns. At the time working from home was also a workable solution with small children around. Of course, I started my first dyeing experiments at home in our kitchen, and of course I couldn’t maintain the status quo for long, as nobody wanted to wait for lunch until the kitchen was sparkling clean again every time after dyeing. As the business began to grow, it became clear: WALK COLLECTION is going to go professional! In 2013 the first member of staff joined, and that same year we took part at our first wool festival ever in Brighton, delighted to be showing a wonderful shawl design by Joji Locatelli from Argentina. Today we are a team of 5, we continuously develop new colours and send our yarn to crafters from Iceland to New Zealand, and from Japan to Hawaii. (Cathrin Walk)
Cathrin Walk